NEA Convention


July 2-3, 2020

COVID-19 Update: 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NEA is holding a limited virtual NEA Representative Assembly in 2020. Read the letter to NEA Board of Directors for the explanation for holding a virtual R.A., instead of postponing. The letter also details what activities will be postponed until the 2021 R.A. and the expectations for delegates in regard to voting in the virtual R.A.

Letter: Recommendation to hold a limited 2020 Virtual R.A.>

Delegates from across the state of Missouri participate in a Virtual R.A. July 2-3 for the 2020 NEA Representative Assembly to discuss the NEA budget and vote for NEA officers. Missouri NEA's delegation is elected by active members in the state, local associations, MNEA-Retired members, and Aspiring Educators.
MNEA is committed to racial and ethnic minority involvement. Racial and ethnic minority members are encouraged to seek election as state or local delegates to the NEA RA.
Congratulations to the delegates that are representing Missouri at the VIRTUAL NEA R.A..
This list may continue to get updated through the spring. If you do not see the local delegates elected by your association on this list, please contact Roxane Bly at (573) 644-9606. Local Delegate Election Report forms must be submitted to MNEA Headquarters by April 10. 
Check the listing of state delegates now>>

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Ex Officio Delegates

The MNEA president and NEA directors are eligible for ex officio delegate status to the NEA RA. According to the MNEA Constitution and Bylaws, the MNEA vice present serves as an ex officio delegate to the NEA RA.

Local Delegates

Local delegates are elected by the members of a local affiliate, with one delegate for each 150 active members or major fraction thereof. Presidents of locals eligible to elect local delegates (locals with 76 members or more) will receive local election information in early February via email from NEA. Members should contact their local presidents to learn the procedures, timelines and reimbursement procedures for local delegates.

Cluster Delegates

Cluster delegates are elected by members of several locals that have networked to attain the minimum 76 members required for delegate eligibility. Members interested in being elected as cluster delegates should contact Roxane Bly at 573-644-9606. Cluster delegate elections are conducted during March and April.

MNEA-Retired Delegates

MNEA-Retired members elect delegates from their membership to represent them at the NEA R.A. Only MNEA-Retired members may nominate, vote for or serve as retired delegates. Election of the MNEA-R delegates will be held at the MNEA-R annual meeting in April. Contact Tracy Flaherty ( at (314) 584-1305 for more information. 

Missouri Aspiring Educators Delegates

The number of delegates allocated for Aspiring Educators will be determined based on the number of college student members in the state. Only members of Aspiring Educators may nominate, vote for or serve as Aspiring Educator delegates. Contact Patrick Layden at 1-800-392-0236 if you are a member of Aspiring Educators and interested in becoming a delegate. 


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Share your story

Even though we are not at school supporting Missouri students, members continue to help every day during this crisis. MNEA wants to share your stories as we struggle through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hearing about members who are continuing to care for their students by

  • volunteering at school district Grab & Go meal distribution centers and food drives
  • providing child care for essential medical staff
  • shopping for the elderly so they don’t have to leave the safety of their homes

Your stories help show that educators don’t stop caring. Please send your stories with pictures to MNEA at, so we can share them. You can post to social media, making sure you tag @MissouriNEA and use the hashtags  #MNEAheroes and  #MNEAprotects.