Recommendation Process

MNEA members are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The issues that unite them are protecting children and improving public education. These are the issues that drive MNEA’s and NEA’s candidate-recommendation process.

Because lawmakers’ decisions directly affect children and the education profession, MNEA needs to ensure that the candidates it supports measure up as advocates for public schools and the education employees who deliver the programs that shape America’s future. Candidates receive the recommendation of the MNEA-PAC by demonstrating a commitment to public education and upon the recommendation of local educators. For more information about the Missouri NEA Recommendation process please visit

How you vote is a personal decision; however, Missouri NEA leaders hope that, as you review the issues and positions of candidates, you will consider the recommendation of your fellow educators in the following elections.

What can you do?


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Educate yourself and others


Missouri Constitutional Amendment
The Missouri voters wanted fair. Now, keep it fair.
NO on Constitutional Amendment 3

Add the "NO on 3" frame (displayed right) to your Facebook profile picture >
Amendment 3 is a trick by politicians in the Missouri legislature to undo the groundbreaking ethics reforms passed by Missouri voters in 2018. It would alter the lines drawn for legislative districts in Missouri, allowing the most hyper-partisan and gerrymandered maps since Mississippi (circa 1972). If Amendment 3 were to become law, children would no longer count for the purposes of determining population in legislative districts. 

Missouri Governor
Nicole Galloway

Missouri Senate
SD 01  Doug Beck
SD 03  Elaine Gannon
SD 07  Greg Razer
SD 15  Deb Lavender
SD 17  Lauren Arthur
SD 19  Judy Baker

Missouri House
HD 12  Wade Kiefer
HD 13  Vic Abundis
HD 14  Ashley Aune
HD 15  Maggie Nurrenbern
HD 16  Chris Brown
HD 17  Mark Ellebracht
HD 18  Wes Rogers
HD 19  Ingrid Burnett
HD 20  Bill E. Kidd
HD 21  Robert Sauls
HD 22  Yolanda Young
HD 24  Emily Weber
HD 25  Patty Lewis
HD 27  Richard Brown
HD 28  Jerome Barnes
HD 29  Rory Rowland
HD 31  Rhonda R Dolan
HD 35  Keri Ingle
HD 36  Mark A. Sharp
HD 45  Kip Kendrick
HD 46  Martha Stevens
HD 47  Adrian Plank
HD 50  Kari Chesney
HD 65  Bill Otto
HD 68  Jay Mosley
HD 69  Gretchen Bangert
HD 70  Paula Brown
HD 71  LaDonna Appelbaum
HD 72  Doug Clemens
HD 73  Raychel C Proudie
HD 75  Alan Gray
HD 78  Rasheen Aldridge Jr
HD 79  LaKeySha Bosley
HD 80  Peter Merideth
HD 82  Donna M.C. Baringer
HD 83  Jo Doll
HD 84  Wiley (Chip) Price IV
HD 85  Kevin Windham Jr.
HD 86  Joe Adams
HD 87  Ian Mackey
HD 88  Tracy McCreery
HD 90  Barbara Phifer
HD 91  Sarah Unsicker
HD 94  Jean Pretto
HD 95  Ann L Zimpfer
HD 96  Erica Hoffman
HD 99  Trish Gunby
HD 100  Helena Webb
HD 105  Christine Hyman
HD 106  Cindy Berne
HD 110  John Kiehne
HD 111  Shane Roden
HD 114  Becky Ruth
HD 117  Mike Henderson
HD 119  Nate Tate
HD 126  Patricia Pike or Jim Hogan (dual endorsement)
HD 132  Crystal Quade
HD 135  Betsy Fogle
HD 145  Rick Francis
HD 147  Wayne Wallingford

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Share your story

Even though we are not at school supporting Missouri students, members continue to help every day during this crisis. MNEA wants to share your stories as we struggle through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hearing about members who are continuing to care for their students by

  • volunteering at school district Grab & Go meal distribution centers and food drives
  • providing child care for essential medical staff
  • shopping for the elderly so they don’t have to leave the safety of their homes

Your stories help show that educators don’t stop caring. Please send your stories with pictures to MNEA at, so we can share them. You can post to social media, making sure you tag @MissouriNEA and use the hashtags  #MNEAheroes and  #MNEAprotects.